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Heinz-Luck-Fire Lab

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Fire Lab

Stand: 04.08.2015
Universität Duisburg-Essen, Campus Duisburg

Technical description of the Duisburg Fire Detection Laboratory

The laboratory consists of the main fire room with a base of 10.5 m x 9.0 m and two observation rooms. The ceiling is held by 12 ropes and it is vertically adjustable by a spindle stoke gearing. The control units are located in both observation rooms permitting the adjustment of the ceiling height in the range of (2.87 m ... 6.57 m) above the floor. There is a direct view from both observation rooms to the main fire lab. In addition television equipment is provided for the observation of fire tests if the ceiling is in a low position. The schematic of the arrangement, the main fire laboratory and the room above the adjustable ceiling with some parts of the technical equipment are shown in the following figures.

The basic measuring equipment meets the requirements of the European standard EN 54. Smoke density is measured with a special measuring ionization chamber together with a reflection type smoke densitometer. Temperature and weight loss of the fire material are recorded as well. The top of the ceiling can be walked on if the ceiling is in the maintenance position. This enables easy equipment assembly. Non-inflammable plates (0.6 m x 0.6 m) at the buttom side of the ceiling can be removed.
Section view       construction scheme of the ceiling

Fire lab above the adjustable ceiling       Fire lab