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Heinz-Luck-Fire Lab

AUBE '17 / SUPDET 2017
ICOF 2016


Electrical and Electronics

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Fire Lab

Stand: 04.08.2015
Universität Duisburg-Essen, Campus Duisburg

The Data Acquisition System

The realized system concerns a modular structured and at any time expandable system, which is connected to the control computer by an RS-485-Interface.

The data acquisition system consists of

  • a module housing,
  • a data acquisition card with 24 additional digital inputs and outputs,
  • a 16-channel-multiplexer for temperature sensors,
  • and a 32-channel-multiplexer for voltage channels.

The following figure shows the hardware structure.

The developed program enables controlling of test fires. Filesaving and documentation are possible as well as the following representation and analysis of the measured values. The program is designed with the graphic programming language "LabView". The use of "LabView " as programming language offers the advantage that a clear, easily understandable surface is provided, which can be served without detailed knowledge.

Starting with the selection of the test fire to be recorded, the installation and selection of sensors, the representation of the measured values up to archiving and editing all functions are controlled by the system. The program is arranged in such a way that operating errors are widely excluded. A further advantage of "LabView" as programming language is the compatibility with the installed hardware. The customized data acquisition software automatically calculates the end of test condition according to EN 54 definitions and checks the reproducibility of the test fire.

A modular system design and the variability of the data acquisition software enables additional connections for all types of sensors.


Necessary devices (EN 54) :

  • Measuring ionization chamber (MIC),
  • smoke density measuring instrument according to the extinction principle (MIREX),
  • temperature sensor,
  • balance,
  • controller for the heater and measurement of the heater temperature