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Fire Lab

Stand: 12.11.2008
Universität Duisburg-Essen, Campus Duisburg

Smoke duct, defined by EN 54

The basic test of fire detectors uses a smoke duct, defined by EN 54 part 7. Together with a paraffine oil mist it is possible to check the stability of the detector response subject to environmental conditions. It is possible to measure with different aerosol generators. Following figure shows the setup of the duct used in the fire detection laboratory.
smoke duct

The new developed smoke duct can be used for EN54-7 and EN54-5 defined tests. The multi criteria smoke duct concept bases on the EN 54 smoke duct.

At present the smoke duct covers the following test phenomena :

Smoke density The smoke density is produced by a Lorenz AGW paraffin oil generator.
Heat The duct is provided with a heating option. With respect to the heat development of a moderate burning open fire (e.g. test fire TF 1) a heat ramp of at least 4 K/min is realised. The testing of heat detectors according to EN 54-5 is not realised yet. For this purpose the heating concept would have to be upgraded to achieve a temperature rise of 30 K/min.
Gases The fire gases are produced by real fires (e.g. a cotton wick fire) by means of a simply constructed burning chamber; the smoke particles are filtered out. Additionally, there is the option to inject synthetic gases into the duct.
Dust It is possible to test the sensitivity of smoke detectors against dust. Standardized dust particles are produced by a Palas dust generator and injected into the smoke duct.
ISO dust A1: Ultrafine - dust particle with a nominal size of 0-10 µm
ISO dust A2: Fine - dust particle with a nominal size of 0-80 µm

smoke duct

Following pictures show the new developed smoke duct.
Smoke duct and burning chamber Smoke duct

The first smoke duct was developed by department of Communication Systems, too. It was the first setup made for EN 54. The following picture shows the structure of this smoke duct.
first EN 54 smoke duct