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Heinz-Luck-Fire Lab

AUBE '21 / SUPDET 2021


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Fire Lab

Stand: 04.11.2016
University of Duisburg-Essen, Heinz-Luck-Fire-Detection-Laboratory
Heinz Luck Brandentdeckungs-Labor

This special laboratory is carried on by the fire detection research group :

Headship Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ingolf Willms

Staff Dr.-Ing. Stefan Bieder
M.Sc. Dilyan Damyanov
M.Sc. Benedikt Friederich
Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Krüll
M.Sc. Lea Sichma
Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Schultze
Details Technical description of the Duisburg Fire Detection Laboratory
The Data Acquisition System
Smoke duct, defined by EN 54
Non-fire sensitivity testing
Wind Tunnel, defined by EN 54
The figure shows an outdoor view of the Duisburg Fire Detection Laboratory

The laboratory is designed and equipped for experiments of the following types:
  • Fire tests in the incipient stage of a fire
  • Experiments concerning the distribution of smoke and gaseous products for variable conditions, e.g. incipient fires with and without thermal development
  • Test series with various standardized procedures
  • The laboratory is not determined as a test laboratory for routine checks. The equipment as well as the possibilities of varying the room geometry qualifies this laboratory for basic investigations.
  • Non-fire experiments with variable ventilation conditions or changeable room geometry.

Christmas tree fire

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